Forbbiden Love

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Presented by Adrian Anh Tuan
Photographer > Meiji Nguyen
Creative Direction | Styling > Shift Creative
Art Direction > Ade Lau
Styling Assistant > Edel Payne 
Make-up & Hair > Hendra Widjaja & Fitria Adiwibowo
Photographer Assistant > Jason Culverwell , Jeremy Choh , Wilfred Cheung, Babynanbin Wong
Female Model > Jess Yeh
Male Model > Richie Chardy Strahan @ Alpha Models
Equipment > Mira Studios

AHFA 2012 Finalist – ELECTRA

meiji_nguyen_beauty_hair_electra02meiji_nguyen_beauty_hair_electra04 meiji_nguyen_beauty_hair_electra03 meiji_nguyen_beauty_hair_electra01

AHFA 2012, Finalist ‘Australian Hairdresser Of The Year’- Barney Gleeson

Hair Designer > Barney Gleeson @ Lee Preston Hairdressing
Photographer > Meiji Nguyen
Hair Colour > Jess Fo Shizzle Panizza @ Lee Preston Hairdressing
Stylist > Jodee Knowles
Make-up Artist > Hendra Widjaja
Model > Sarah Tilleke @ Vivien’s Model Management
Model > Chloe Wheatcroft @ Vivien’s Model Management
Model : Emily Green @ Vivien’s Model Management
Model : Tammy Stone @ Vivien’s Model Managementanagement
Model : Elly Blair @ Chadwick Models
Model : Sally Paton @ Vivien’s Model Management
Model : Amelia


I have always dreamed of putting together this project and I’m pleased to say it has finally happened.

The Now & Then collection features models I have worked with against a flashback of them as a child. All images of their younger selves have been provided by the model.

My inspiration for this project is derived from seeing 2 completely different images of the same person, at different time periods and knowing that each image is a page in their story of life. A lot can change over time. And everyone is dealt a different hand but one thing that will never change is the moment that was captured during those times.

A big Thank You to all the models, make up artists, stylists and contributors for helping me bring this to light.

This is an ongoing project so be sure to check back every Now & Then as the list grows.Tahlia Segaram Adeline GeorgesTalisa Rimland vanessa katie aniquesamatha natalie Jahlana Roe Danica daisy bek anyi alexzakmeiji_nguyen_kayleysheneeJessRskyemeiji_nguyen_meiji_nguyen_cheriecarisclaudiaveronicaemilyjaquillynkate smedamoniqueRachael MareeRosinaniquakimSamara Tugwell_bwRisa_bwlishae fuller_bwKarina White_bwemily Green_bwCarlo_bwBek KingBorisyasminJasmine NgmillileesaSuraya DrabarekDanaCharlottejaimeemeiji_nguyen_deelmeiji_nguyen_jademeiji_nguyen_hennymeiji_nguyen_helenmeiji_nguyen_lainameiji_nguyen_samjamesmeiji_nguyen_meiji_nguyen_claire 01meiji_nguyen_jeriemeiji_nguyen_sallythedameiji_nguyen_chelseaemily_hillmeiji_nguyen_tashmeiji_nguyen_richmeiji_nguyen_meiji_nguyen_clairemeiji_nguyen_meiji_nguyen_catiemeiji_nguyen_meiji_nguyen_aliciameiji_nguyen_kirstenmeiji_nguyen_kayleygrace_murphyMeiji_nguyen_Sinéad Burkemeiji_nguyen_jess